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Bi-Office and ARCHYI. will be present at Insights-X and Orgatec 2018


October is just ahead and this means that's the perfect time to discover next year's trends. This is always also a busy month for Bi-silque brands. Insights-X and Orgatec 2018, both ...


How to Make the Most of Your Large Boards


The most immediate way to optimize the investment on a large board is to turn it into a big mobile or portable board with almost any additional effort.

Just arrange for a free standing structure ...


Back to Basics: 5 Benefits of Embracing Chalkboards in Your Business

Do you have that feeling you’ve run out of all the ideas to highlight the entrance of your establishment? It becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the others with so many competition.



Lean, Enriched, Empowered Offices: 5 Tips Every Office Manager Should Take On To Assure Well-Being & Productivity.

Different offices have different needs and challenges, but one thing they all have in common is an office manager with the responsibility of assuring productivity and efficiency. Nowadays we know ...


Collaborative Learning: An Improved & Gripping Learning Method


According to a great contributor for this new learning method, Jeanne Marcum Gerlach, “Collaborative Learning is based on the idea that learning is a naturally social act in which the ...


Lost in Organization: 5 tips to Efficiently Organize Your Workspace

Did you ever got lost in our own organization? It is more common than you think. That happens because we do not embrace it naturally. Most of the times we try to force ourselves to organize our ...


Maximum Visibility for Zero Setbacks: Working and Communicating Efficiently


Communicating efficiently, getting relevant messages across other people is always difficult, but it gets an even bigger challenge when you need to do it in an industrial facility, where ...


Increase Productivity with Efficient Time, Mind & Workplace Organisation

Organization at work is a key condition for productivity. If you are feeling less focused or efficient, the answer to your problems can be as simple as adding “workspace organisation” and “time ...


5 Tips to Motivate Children to Learn


Today, we celebrate Children’s Day in Portugal, and in some countries throughout the world. It is a day to cherish children and how they can make this world so much better. Usually, this is a ...


5S or More? The Relevance of a Visual Workplace

We have all been reading about visual efficiency, and the relevance that it has for lean manufacturing, for lean management. But have you stop to consider why or how having a visual workplace can ...