2019 Home Office Trends: Copper and Pastel Colours



With more and more people working remotely, it has been an increasing concern to transform the home office in a pleasant and productive area. Although function is key in every office, its decoration and how it is organised also plays a very important role. People are not only looking for a place which reflects their personality, but also that perspires creativity and inspiration.

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The home office trends can influence and transform the workspace into a place where people actually want to spend time. Nowadays, when it comes to interiors trends are mostly revolving around mixing different materials and colours. Adopting this trend will give your home office a more modern and sophisticated look. And if you have been paying attention to the latest hot tones both in home and office decor, you have most certainly already noticed that copper and pastel colours are becoming increasingly popular and represent a marvelous addition to interior designers' colours palettes.


The New "Must-have" Metallic: Copper

Metallic colours have always been one of the key elements in modern and sophisticated home office decoration. Gold elements are timeless sophisticated details  in any stylish, elegant decoration. Although a couple of years ago rose gold came into the picture, and it became the favourite of the metallics, gold was never absolutely off the table.

Now, we should watch out for the new  hot and trending metallic colour: copper.  With its shades of red and orange shades, copper brings warmth and a refreshing new glow to the home office. furthermore, this metallic colour goes very well with statement pieces if you want a more luxurious  or bold decoration.


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Pastel Colours Are The New Neutrals

Alongside with the warm and sophisticated metallic colours (such as copper), pastel colours are also  becoming a big home office trend. They’re the new neutral colours. From mint greens to sandy pinks and light blues, this colour palette can immediately brighten up the room, providing a fresher, lighter, and more relaxed ambience.

This is all it takes to create the mood for a good productive work space. If you're feeling a little stressed out from work lately, we propose a home office renewal to add some pastel colours. You'll immediately get a more relaxed and stress-free room.


pastel colours in home office trends bi-office


These new home office trends inspired us to add new features to our Home Office Small Office range. We extended our Metallic Collection and we developed a new Pastel Collection, which had their debut at Paperworld Frankfurt 2019. So, now it is time to bring them to the UK market, at Stationery Show London., and show visitors  how these new products can help people organise their work and keep track of their work schedule, without having to choose productivity over style.

If you are in London between 30th April and 1st May and you want to get to know more about these new products for the home office, visit our stand at Stationery Show London. We will be pleased to tell you all about these new home office decor trends.