Female Power: Aida Vasconcelos, the unbeatable strength behind Bi-silque’s growth


Co-founder of Bi-silque, a global leader in the manufacturing of visual communication products, Aida Vasconcelos, together with her husband Virgilio, decided a long time ago that their lives would be drawn by entrepreneurship and professional development.

In a controversial time in Portugal, Aida Vasconcelos and her husband created a business opportunity which has increased over the years in the manufacturing world. Having in her hands a leading role, she managed people and projects, making a real difference at a, mostly male, narrow-minded business society.

female power behind bi-silque's growth

Since 1979, she has been showing to other women that the power of believing in their own progress and vision is the secret for any woman's success.

Nowadays, thanks to her effort, determination and dedication, Bi-silque has expanded and is an example of success, recognized all over the planet.

Aida overcame all obstacles. And luckily for all of us, the role of women in the labour market universe has continued to change positively over the years. For women, the path to success is still usually more complicated, but it’s possible to see a shift across all industries, even in those that are traditionally dominated by males.

Times, wills and mentalities have changed… mostly because of the persistence and attitude of women like Aida Vasconcelos.

female power behind bi-silque's growth

Looking more attentively for the office products business, you still see that leadership roles are occupied mostly by men, but female power and talent is growing and earning more and more space. And there are actually organizations that intend to create better opportunities for women to progress and grow their careers in this industry.

Office Products Women in Leadership (OPWIL) is a non-profit professional organization connecting women in leadership roles in the office products industry, relying on education, development, partnerships and resources to facilitate the impact on the marketplace. These pillars provide a full circle of learning, growing, sharing and networking within the organization.

Beth Wright, Bi-silque’s CCO and North America’s VP is a proud member and really appreciates the work done by OPWIL: “After spending 16 years of my career in office products, it’s great to have a group that is focused on the specific needs and challenges of women in our industry. The networking events are wonderful places to share ideas and meet new people. I am thrilled to share my journey through mentoring the next group of female leaders!”

Aida Vasconcelos, is now officially retired from her leadership role – that is why she cannot be a valid member for OPWIL – even though she continues to visit Bi-silque headquarters almost every day to inspire and help her legacy carry on. A powerful and brave woman who is a live example for all women who dream to build a great career in a men’s world.