Back to Basics: 5 Benefits of Embracing Chalkboards in Your Business


Do you have that feeling you’ve run out of all the ideas to highlight the entrance of your establishment? It becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the others with so many competition.


However, the classic and traditional blackboard has emerged lately as a solution. Chalkboards are not just for schools anymore. The time of the old blackboard has come and has captured our attention again: it makes us choose to dine in one establishment among the many other restaurants in the area.

Get to know five reasons to embrace the use of blackboards in your business and how it can make you save time and money in advertising.


Grabbing Attention

High supply and low demand. It is on the basis of this reality that the catering industry has to act. Most of the time, pedestrians are too busy to notice that there is a bar or restaurant along their way. There is, in fact, a lot of competition. However, a basic chalkboard sign outside in the middle of the street with personalized sentences is a simple solution to get more walk-in customers and increase sales.


Strategic Audience Segmentation

As a business owner, you already know the target market you want to reach. Whether you are starting your business or ready to reach a new level of success, the blackboards are a great way to stand out from the competition. Targeting the right audience with the right humor is the key to achieve the perfect chalkboard marketing strategy.

A creative and positive chalkboard ad can change the day of those who walk along the street and get into your establishment.

There are some really good example that combine art with advertising efficiently. Remember that social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are growing in popularity daily. Creating messages that reach the heart of your costumers is a good way to see your work being shared on these platforms.


Creating a Personalized Space

Blackboards are the key element to decorate your store. It has failed to fulfill the practical support function in order to be stylish. Besidesmaking it more lively, it conveys a very serious message about your business. You can use this item both indoor and outdoor.

Outside, try to include in your framework creative content with a lot of humor.. This will help you to catch pedestrians’ attention and spiking their curiosity. On the other hand, inside, create something more personalized that inspires your costumers. You can bring walls, windows, doors and even tables to life with white liquid chalk markers or wet chalk sticks. Why not welcome customers in with a huge board? Give your customers a different experience that makes them feel special.


Making it Easier to Change Messages Frequently

The main advantage of advertising your business through chalkboard is that it only requires investment in a few basics- blackboard and creativity. With a simple board and some markers you can change as many times as you like the content of your messages. If your menu is always changing, the blackboard is a great option. Add some drawings to make your menu more appealing.

Boost your business without spending a lot of money on advertising and printing With a blackboard you can create messages that advertise your business without spending almost any money. A well-derived message to a costumer is half the trail to success. Pleased, your consumers will share your message on social media and it will definitely help to bring in even more costumers. City life means that you’ve to adjust yourself to what is going on around you. This means changing the menus daily. With a chalkboard you can promote special promotions, happy hour and events easily. You no longer need to worry about menus and their printing just because you've changed something on it. With blackboards you can save time and, more important, money.


We hope that these tips have encouraged you to embrace this different concept to highlight your business. Before you decide to buy a chalkboard, you need to be sure it fits your target audience and your establishment aesthetics. Create messages that can make eachcustomer feel special. This will guarantee they will return!


You can see all of these tips in place atInsights-X 2018, from October 4th to 6th. We will have a coffee shop concept in our chalk area to show you how our chalkboards can improve your business and attract more clients. Come visit us at Hall 3 Stand A-13 and check for yourself!


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