Back to Business: Learning and Growing Together


 A new year means new opportunities to grow and keep fit for that growth in our personal and professional lives. It is of critical importance in today’s dynamic work environment, where people are finding less time to engage in meaningful learning and professional development, to have a space for employees to train and grow in their area of expertise.


That is why companies need to create workplaces designed to incorporate training sessions and workshops, not only to ensure that they have the best employees, but also to keep them motivated and satisfied. Alas, it should be a top concern for companies to have environments that exceed the satisfaction of their employees in their daily work lives and provide them with essential tools to learn and grow.


Collaboration, Creativity and Flexibility - The Three Key Elements

Collaboration, creativity and flexibility are key elements in any learning space. Learners today don’t have the time nor attention span to learn in a formal training event. Therefore, companies have to be creative and use dynamic techniques and tools. Innovative solutions that enhance learning conditions and encourage engagement, creativity and collaboration are needed. There are visual communication products designed to satisfy the needs of employees that want to learn and evolve within their workspaces and for companies that foresee the goal-oriented opportunities that develop from in-depth training sessions.

With smart and user-friendly solutions, combining portability and efficiency, essential tools like whiteboards, easels and flipchart that can be customized to ensure better results by combining different and specific methods that make training more efficient.


Mobile Whiteboards Can Go Anywhere

For offices, communication tools are essential, not only to improve all of these interactions but also optimize space, time and money. That is why Mobile Revolving Boards are the smartest solution. These whiteboards on wheels are built for versatility. Usually available with a magnetic surface, these boards make it easy to post printouts, schedule tasks, and brainstorm with the team. One notable feature is the board’s ability to flip over for twice as much writing space while utilizing half as much office space.


Hybrid Products for Extreme Versatility

Mobility and elegance are the powerhouses in an office setting. However, if you also add portability, you can assure that “pop-up” training sessions & workshops will occur not only inside the modern office space, but also outside the office.

Made from resilient ceramic steel, it is both lightweight and communicable giving workers the ability to learn where they want. Small desk-sized whiteboards, also known as easels, are a great individual tool for visual-based training sessions. Utilizing magnetic accessories and flipchart pads simultaneously are imperative to the productivity of an easel, but the Convertible Mobile Easels can also be used as a whiteboard desk. This feature can save space in an office and make the most out of a collaborative work tool –that is what I call a team builder!


Learning should be a continuous process built around companies’ work culture. And to keep up with their competitors in the market, they need to have sharp employees that are always updating their knowledge, eager to learn more and motivated. This is what creates the need for a rapid learning process for which companies must be prepared. This is the only way (in today’s world and culture) to stand out and grow!

So going back to business, make sure to invest in training and workshops spaces and in equipment that will allow you to optimize that investment.