Bi-Silque Brands and Paperworld Frankfurt fit for Growth and for the Future


Perspectives of the future start with modest ideas and modest ideas can only enhance perspectives when nurtured by open minds. Bi-Office´s and MasterVision’s manufacturer and institutional brand, Bi-silque, has a history of keeping open minds and embracing ideas with Paperworld Frankfurt.


Bi-silque has seen a significant growth over the past few years, and - we are proud to say – has seen this growth flourish alongside Paperworld Frankfurt who pushes the boundaries and has inspired us to follow suit. We first participated in Paperworld in the 1990’s and because of the phenomenal outcome, soon started participate in Paperworld Japan. For the past few years, we have been participating at the Paperworld Middle East with such a positive response both from wholesalers and dealers that we plan to be there again next year.

This year, Paperworld is saying hello to new perspectives as are we. In alignment with Paperworld’s intentions, Bi-silque brands are always delivering category growth by developing solutions for the visionary office. Based on consumer and market trends, Bi-silque is looking to new perspectives for innovative ideas that enhance growth and productivity.

paperworld-2018-fit-for growth-and-for-the-future

What Can You Expect From Bi-Silque This Year?

Bi-silque brands will join together in one unified collective dedicated to show Bi-Office and Mastervision viscom products in their natural environments and to present ARCHYI., the company’s new brand for high-end workspace solutions.

Messe Franfurt’s excellent support service will once again help the Bi-silque team to hold invigorating daily receptions, themed after company brands’ European focus markets. This means so much more than just office products: Bi-silque will be taking visitors around Europe by throwing national parties - with excellent traditional snacks and drinks from countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Portugal. And some lucky visitors that attend the VIP Party will have the chance to win tickets for the World Cup FIFA 2018! When you combine all that with the new Viscom solutions – for working, learning, planning and sharing – only good vibes are guaranteed!

This year, besides taking advantage of our courtesy offers in the Bi-silque Lounge – complete with a charging station and cloakroom – you can join us at our stand to understand how we are using digital approaches to better support and guide our customers towards success in a growing digital world.

The Bi-silque team is prepared to share their digital assets and secrets to SEO optimized content for better business practices. There are many trends of the future to anticipate this year and Bi-silque has uncovered the innovative and incorporated these new trends into efficient products. At the stand this year, Bi-silque will be spilling the strategies that will sell Viscom and office supplies in the immediate future.



“Hello New Perspectives” From Paperworld 2018 Frankfurt

Being inspired by the slogan of this year Paperworld Frankfurt “Hello New Perspectives” – we have incorporated more and more “visionary office” themes. We believe that the focus of the Office Products industry will be on the trends that are defining the working environment of the future. Alias, the Pragma Institute for empirical strategic advice held a study to assess the difference in people’s office environments and workplace equipment of today and in 2025 where was that in spite of digitalization, the traditional 'tools of the trade' will continue to be relevant.

So, don’t miss out! Join us in this digital journey of bringing “traditional” workplace tools to the workspaces of the future! Book a meeting in Paperworld 2018 Frankfurt with us or contact us for more information.

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