Bi-Office Visualizes the Future at Paperworld


For stationary trends and visual communication supplies, Paperworld is THE place to stock up and envision the office of the future. This year, the visionary office showroom provided outstanding results. From industrial to home office and elementary to professional education, visual communication has stepped up its game. Gone are the days of generic boards and paper fliers – at least for Bi-Office,and Mastervision, that is.


The Importance Of Visual Communication

Visual communication is everywhere – from road signs to advertisements – we are exposed to it every day. In the office, visual communication is imperative to enhance productivity. It acts as a supplemental aid to elevate learning retention. For a language learner, it is like learning a new word; it is important to both see it written and hear it aloud to grasp it tangibly and be able to reproduce it yourself. At the office, everyone is well-trained to succeed in their niche, but visual communication is provided to elevate personal and collective performance. By being able to see progress or visualize goals, the better everyone will be able to attain it.


Express Yourself

Visual communication is seen as whiteboards and corkboards only. I won’t dispute the fact that those are two relevant products in the realm, but today’s office communication doesn’t have to be boring! Bi-Office wants every corporate, start-up and home office to enhance performance while feeling comfortable – or even cool. Like to travel? Pin up notes and visual aids to a corkboard map – but only to the places where you’ve been. Have a minimalistic style? Use frameless glass whiteboards that are discrete and elegant, with the variety of colors and DIY design opportunities to create your personalized gallery wall.


The Showroom at Paperworld

This year, Bi-Office took the floor – literally taking a large area of space to show its diversity of visual communication. Starting in the café area, chairs and tables were offered accompanied by traditional Portuguese snacks, espresso and wine. The menu was beautifully chalked up on blackboard tiles so you could choose what you wanted. The school, training and workshops room was simple and productive with felt separators for classroom functionality that also allows participants to pin up their latest project, work or idea. Flowing into industrial, the room is a bit more business-like which is to be expected. The products are hypo-allergenic, protected by glass or portable to fit all the unknowns in an industrial environment.

Into the home office, anyone would be envious! The set up was enticing. The color scheme of black and white was classy, and with a little pop of red, the whole desk space showed off its personality. The boards chosen to decorate the walls were multi-function for efficiency. Both for aiding office work and family life, the remote worker can enjoy the fusion of both lives rather than separation. This is the future office. One that represents personality and functionality. This is what Bi-Office strives to achieve and provide the solutions to all types of office or industrial workers.

eco-friendly-sustainable-visual-communication- recyclable-recycled-range

Quality For Sustainability And For You

It’s true that you can buy any old chalkboard or cork display, and it is completely up to you to decide on the quality. At Bi-Office, we are supportive of less waste and sustainability. That is why we produce quality products that come in a range of options and prices from generic to premier. It is important to consider the product’s lifetime which is why Bi-Office tries to implement valuable warranties too. The longer the product lasts, the less materials we will pollute the environment with. And, what I find especially important, it’s all in the little details. Bi-Office isn’t just producing whiteboards, but ones with features like magnetic lacquered steel or glass, portability, adjustability, sustainability and multi-function efficiency.

Paperworld this year saw over 42,000 visitors from around the world. The visitors initiated new business relations while the 1500 exhibitors showed off their ingenuity. This year, Bi-Office saw a huge number of people stopping in at the station for happy hour and to inquire about their elegant designs that offer long-lasting results. It was all about the customers at this showroom because they are the ones who keep the vision of Bi-Office alive!

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