Bi-Office Wraps up at Insights- X: Play is the Highest Form of Research (and Work)


The catchy phrase of the millennium has been “Work hard, play hard” as technology enhances and workloads increase. The statement is obviously relevant to the individual assessment of “hard” but I wonder what the actual ratio of work to play is nowadays. So, I did a little research, and by no means is this an accurate depiction of the whole workforce. I asked 10 women and men of ages that ranged from 24-70 and work in industries from waitressing to computer programming, “What is your ratio of work to play?” From my results, on average, a professional would generously estimate his or her work to play ratio as 4:1, that they work 4 times more than they play. When I asked a bunch of 3 and 4-year olds from a local preschool I substitute at, the response was flipped – most children see themselves playing four times more! Specializing in white and display boards, Bi-Office uses its manufacturing powers to incorporate play at the office with their campaigns like Chalk-It-Up, Personal Spaces and Schoolmate.

schoolmate-play-highest-form-of-research-learning and growing-together-insights-x-2017

The results of my small investigation may not surprise you – of course children play more than adults. The interesting part was not the values given to me about work and play, but what each group identified as work and play. For the adult professionals, play was only the times that they were whole-heartedly doing something that they chose to do and in which they enjoyed. For the children, play consisted of the times they were told to play a certain game at school or when they joined in a game they didn’t particularly want to participate in but their friend wanted to play. The difference here is striking to me because work is definitely not play, but why as adults can we not incorporate play into work every once in a while (or maybe we do and just don’t count it anymore). Bi-Office goes way beyond boards and brings you board play.


Bringing Playtime to Nuremberg

InsightsX is the renowned Stationery Expo of Europe that provides inspiration to every industry. Bi-Office played around at InsightsX for our second year in a row on October 5-8 in Nuremberg, Germany. Play time at this expo was much more significant with a three-room exhibition on Hospitality, Personal and Early School Years spaces. Bi-Office set up a bar, a living room and a kindergarten setting to entice people into their comfort zones and incorporated what you might call typical “work boards” into each space: chalkboards on the wine barrels and on the walls in the bar, travel maps, cork boards and gallery walls in the living room and laptop boards and Schoolmate Creation easels in the classroom. Come on, you can’t tell me that you don’t feel the slightest bit of joy when you get to cross off something you’ve finished, add a goal to the list of dreams or tack up an important milestone onto the wall of accomplishments – the ambience adds this bit of playtime into our routines. How easy is it to add to the office? Let me tell you, it’s simple.


Alongside the achievements of Bi-Office, the InsightsX expo grew exponentially this year with 62% more exhibitors and almost 30% more trade visitors. This visionary expo looks to the future, always improving and adapting due to their personal and innovative model. Wrapping up their event this year, they have already rolled out next year’s modifications like cutting out Sunday to accommodate visitor patterns so as not to compromise the exhibitors’ precious time. The growth pattern in both InsightsX and Bi-office is exponential and the symbiotic relationship continues to enhance each others’ achievements.


Benefit From a Play Day

Playtime is an aspect of life we could all use a little more of and benefit immensely. In the office, at home, out at night and at school. At InsightsX, Bi-Office learned that chalk was a big hit among visitors. But of course, because who doesn’t love to write on chalkboards? It’s a novelty and it takes a bit of skill too! By finding ways to revolutionize tools we already love and use, Bi-Office has redefined “Work hard, play hard,” they’ve synergized the two! Helping people communicate with the right tools is the mantra of Bi-Office and the task at hand during the InsightsX expo.


So, when you feel you’ve just been working too hard, figure out a way to incorporate play! Bringing families together and empowering teams with collaboration, InsightsX and Bi-Office deliberately want to connect rebellious minds at schools and sketch the dreams of visionary entrepreneurs by encouraging playtime during worktime.  Finding inspiration from leaders in communication like Bi-Office is the half of it, the other half is getting involved and playing at playful expos like InsightsX. Get out there and play!