Bi-silque Christmas: Celebrating Being Fit For Growth



December 15th was a day to celebrate. Every year, the Bi-silque family gathers to celebrate the multinational family business with a grand Christmas dinner party, and this year was no exception. Not only did we celebrate the growth of the company, but also the effort, dedication and valuable input of every employee from all areas of expertise. This diversity makes our achievements possible and that most of all was a reason to celebrate.


Bi-silque founders, Aida e Virgílio Vasconcelos, accompanied by their daughter Patrícia Vasconcelos.

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Bi-silque 2017 Christmas Gala's Venue

Fit For Growth: Our Motto For 2018

The party began with the intervention of our CEO, André Vasconcelos, who personally thanked all the employees and introduced the company’s theme for 2018: FIT FOR GROWTH.

This means that in 2018 we are all simplifying together and stepping up our game towards our goals. This year, we will focus on five priority elements:

Operation Excellence

Efficiency will be a very important element. Despite the will of Bi-silque to innovate, our strategy will continue to focus on what we do best while seeking to improve our processes and the way we do business.

Supply Simplification

This year, we have to review our products portfolio to promote the ones we already have. This means that we will improve products quality, and grow our productivity.

Online Business

The future is all about online assets, so Bi-silque is taking big steps on this field. Amazon will be a great ally for us on this priority, but we are also making some changes of our own. Stay tuned to all of our online platforms and social media channels to know what we are working on!

Investment Rationalization

We are doing a better e-evaluation of the Bi-silque investments in order to increase the good cost and to present wholesalers and dealers with differentiated factors.

Lean Organization

This means that Bi-silque team will be implementing innovative work methodologies, focusing on results and clients, increasing team spirit and improving internal communication.


Bisilque's CEO, André Vasconcelos

After the presentation of the new theme and messaging for 2018, we awarded star Bi-silque employees who stood out one way or another. And this year, we had a special surprise for everyone. Bi-silque created a new award for their employees, the Execution Award, to thank those who worked exceptionally hard this year. All of our achievements are the result of our employees’ work, so we reserved this moment to show them that their work is appreciated.


Some of Bi-silque Marketing, Sales and Customer Service team members posing for the camera

The Bi-silque family had an amazing 2017, and that was shown in all of our achievements this year. We worked very hard, and at our Christmas party we could feel the pride of everyone who belonged to this multinational family. The rest of the night was magnificent: we all laughed together, shared stories and even danced all night long!

The Bi-silque team is looking forward to 2018 and is anxious to see the challenges that the next year holds!