Chalk it up or chalk it…baby?!


chalkbaby 1-1

Taking pictures of babies is pretty much one of the sweetest hobbies of moms and dads. They are just so cute and you can dress them, pose them and move them in different sets however you want… especially as later in life they don’t want to feel embarrassed with mommy and daddy taking pictures of them. I love DIY and I am always amazed with the amount of creativity of new parents. Just the other day I discovered a mom’s project with chalkboard quotes of the baby in the womb. Now that’s different from a peek-a-boo t-shirt!

I decided therefore to go on a quest for cuteness and bumped into Anna’s Blackboard Adventures. She is a photographer and together with her husband, they illustrated what a newborn may be dreaming of as they lay asleep. Baby dreams on a chalkboard - I mean, how adorable is that? Anna described their adventures in her Facebook album description:

“These are the adventures of a little guy on a blackboard. When we say "little", we mean it: He was 5 days old in the one with the stork, and three months in the last one. How we did it? Simple! We just made the drawings with real chalk on a real blackboard, like we used to do in school. Then, we took the photos of the baby while sleeping on a soft and warm cloth on the blackboard, right in the middle of his own story.”


Two years after, Anna took the project a step further and created Blackboard Adventures – In the World. As her baby’s world expanded, so did her chalkboard settings.


Now, all you need to bring to life your baby’s dreams is a chalkboard, some chalk and lots of creativity. This is pretty much the most adorable DIY you will ever have done – so why not chalk it, baby it and love it!

Chalk-it Up!