Dry wipe boards are an effective and practical tool for displaying temporary information, either for customers, colleagues or employees. The information can be easily modified and remains easy to read thanks to the large size of the boards. In the business world, this is an advantage.


Here are five ways to use Dry erase boards in order to improve your daily work:


1. Customize your whiteboard

Customized whiteboardsare widely common in places like restaurants, bars and cafes. These boards are used to share information about prices and the day’s specials. It is still possible to easily and quickly update information that is relevant for your customers, but you have the opportunity to include details - like brand identity or funny quotes that show the brands personality – that can definitely also help influence their purchase or consumption decision. Have the name and logo of your business printed at the top of the board or ask your manufacturer to include personalized space for writing the name and prices of the most popular offers on your menu. Customized boards are a very efficient way to share information, since they offer you the chance to have a board specifically “designed” for your business, clearly reflecting needs, goals, brand messaging or identity.


2. Use it to highlight important information

You can use your whiteboard inside or outside the company to share information about the mostly anything you find important to share with your audience, either that audience is the people that enter through the reception area in a company, your team colleagues, your customers, etc.  The lunch menu is changing? Promote it widely using Dry wipe boards, so that everyone that is a regular knows about it just by entering through your restaurant door. You are experiencing employee shortage and need to step out from your establishment for a few minutes? Arrange a nice dry erase board and hang it on a place where the information you decide to write there is clearly visible from the outside.


3. Use your whiteboard to create timelines

Creating and defining timelines is crucial for any project.  Everyone involved in it should instantly know the exact timing for executing the tasks for which they are responsible for. That is why dry wipe boards are perfect when it comes to this type of usage. Of course you can still create a timeline with the team first and then print it in large scale and post it in a wall which is visible to all projects’ s intervenients, the problem is that if anything changes during the project execution phases and you need to keep on reprinting it. Using a dry board where you can easily change information is not only ideal for when you are in the planning and defining stages of the project, but also for when you have already advanced to execution phase because it easily allows you to readjust timelines and plan, saving in the amount of paper you use.  In this case a whiteboard is environmentally friendly option and the most convenient way if you usually have to make some changes as the work flows. 


4. Use it as a communication helper

A whiteboard can be a great communication tool when it comes to better enhance, explain or help clearing concepts, ideas, suggestions, or tasks to be developed. You will find that detailing and structuring information in a whiteboard is extremely easy, helpful, practical and effective. For this end, invest in a board or flipchart pads so that you or your colleagues always have a good place to write, view and keep track of all the shared information.


5. Use it for presentations

Use a customized whiteboard for more dynamic and personal presentations. This could be a great way to share information in work meetings or in workshops. Choose gridded dry erase boards so that it is easier for you to write inline, to draw charts and data tables. A customized whiteboard can also be a good option in this case, when you need to have always the same presentation layout. For coaches or sports activities planners, for example, this happens very often: a coach will need a whiteboard with a printed field to present the game tactics to his team.


 Using a whiteboard is the best way to rapidly illustrate what we are thinking, how our thoughts and ideas link together to achieve an improved better defined concept. Moz founder, Rand Fishkin, used whiteboards as a central star on his Whiteboard Friday - a weekly video blog feature - to explain relevant SEO best practices and myths in a fun, dynamic and efficient way. 


Rand Fishkin, Moz founder in a "Whiteboard Friday" video

These are five quite common and smart uses for a Dry erase board, however you can do so much more things with this object, if you just put your mind into it and use your creativity. Getting your ideal whiteboard at a reasonable price is simple. Don’t miss the opportunity for better and more efficient communication either when it comes to your business, or your personal life.


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