Give A Gift That Gives Back… To Earth



By now, almost everyone in the world has already opened their Christmas presents (I said almost, because  at least the Spanish are only going to open theirs on the 6th January, Epiphany day, which celebrates when the Kings or Wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus.)

If you are one of those people that are truly concerned that Christmas is losing its magic and true meaning because gifts are also lacking meaning and more and more about whatever we wish for but cannot buy during the year, this blog post is perfect for you.


This holiday season, trends show that spending is still at a record high. Some even say that Christmas is turning into a celebration of consumerism. Everything is so fleeting that we give with no meaning. Because of that, we easily get tired of the gift and throw it away....

Can you imagine a holiday season with a little more Christmas spirit? What if we just changed the way that we gave meaning to the gifts we give? what if we offer our loved ones, family and friends - and random people that insist on give you gifts and you cannot understand why!- something more useful, but also meaningful...

Meaning, we could focus on providing the recipient with an efficient gift that also benefits for instances, us all, humanity... the earth! - and also those who receive it.

Better yet, it could be considered as two gifts that are half as harmful to the environment as just one. since these eco-friendly gifts are so much more than they appear to the eye!


The Gift of Organization

There is nothing more appealing than a clean desk area where you can find anything you need in an instance. There is nothing more thoughtful than the gift of organization. Think simply – do you know someone who is creative-minded and a thorough worker though hidden behind a cluttered desk? Providing this special someone with products that will de-clutter their area in 2018 can only promote more creativity and focus on their tasks at hand. A sustainable cork board made from recycled materials is always a great addition because it is a place to post those important papers that you don’t want to file away or stack on top of your desk because it takes up precious space. Giving the gift of more space and less stress is priceless, but giving the gift of time might be even more beneficial. A reusable calendar is a perfect way for someone to see their schedule at all times. They don’t need to fuss trying to find their notebook or calendar when it is posted on the wall. Reusable weekly, monthly and yearly calendars give this lucky gift receiver the freedom to make plans and change them as often as they please with the swipe of an eraser.


The Gift of Giving

Not every sustainable gift has to be for the office worker. Do you know a little artist whom loves to draw pictures for other people? This little tyke might enjoy the gift of sustainable drawing on a whiteboard easel. This gives them the freedom to mess up and start over again or show off the masterpiece and then create another one. And for an extra punch, a flip pad made from 100% recycled paper is a great addition for the aspiring artist to not only be giving back to mother Earth, but also to every model drawn – it’s a gift that keeps on giving!


The Gift of Portability

For travelers, there only thing worse than having to lug along heavy equipment is having to leave without it and hope to find something upon arrival. On a business trip, one thing worth carrying is a communicable easel. And not just any – an easel made from post-consumer and industrial waste that is adjustable for portability and features a whiteboard for writing important points, a clip board with expandable arms for presentations and a magnetic board for posting charts or fliers. And if that is too fancy for the modest business traveler, try gifting them a stand-up flipchart pad made from 100% recyclable paper. A product like this is easy to carry or pack because it is flat when collapsed and has a carrying handle. Just follow the simple directions to prop it up and like magic it stays in place all by itself as your gift receiver gives a presentation.


The Gift of Words

We aren’t all made of money, and providing a gift for everyone at a large office is not an easy task. Finding ways to show people you were thinking of them without spending any money can be quite simple – you just have to get a little creative. Take the office whiteboard perhaps and move it to a nuclear location where everyone will see it. Whether you are artistic or not, your message is the heart-warming gift. Write a poem, tell your co-workers how much you will miss them over the holidays or just exclaim, “Happy Holidays!” For that someone special or someone you need to score points with (the boss), hang a whiteboard message in their office space so the message is directed at them and personal. You can even make it more intimate by addressing their name and adding a longer note. More often than not, a gift like this is much more well-received than another trinket or additional stuff.

Next Christmas think about these thoghts and find out why you can offer more than just an ordinary gift, as you are giving back to EARTH!

earth sustainability is in our dna

By Annie Loupy