Glass: Providing Comfort and Efficiency to Office Spaces


The workplace is getting a makeover. With the arrival of digital technology, say goodbye to cubicles because the traditional office environment is a soon-to-be distant memory. All enclosed offices in glass allow natural light into the centre of the plan as well as to create a more transparent and collaborative environment. The use of glass provides maximum transparency in the office space. Pure transparency.

“Architects and designers are always looking for materials that give them freedom to design out of the box,” said Keith Glovins, commercial director for architecture at Corning, an American multinational technology company specialized in glass, ceramics, related materials and technologies including advanced optics, primarily for industrial and scientific applications. -“Glass has generally had a perception of being heavy, thick, and not ideal for interior architecture, but (…) is lightweight, optically clear, durable (…)”, and so much more.”


Advantages inside the office

Everything inside the office has an effect on employees’ creativity and productivity. And an office that uses glass is a workplace that inspires genuine creativity and clear communication.

Why? These days, companies have realized the importance that design plays in the workplace and today’s office are using glass to maintain transparency as well as a clean design that allows daylight;to illuminate the workspace while improving resistance to solar gain- as it helps to warm up all office much quicker.

When you decorate an indoor environment, as an office, one of the alternatives is also to make the best use out of glass partitions. In a context where it’s crucial to choose the best solutions to energize teams and keep workers motivated, the use of glass in offices appears as one of the main options to be taken into account when building and organizing a work space. It is eco-friendly, economic and enlightens buildings and open space Offices. Particularly in business or corporate settings, the use of glass as a solution has a number of advantages that should be taken into consideration. Offices need to be and look wider organized spaces with great visibility between departments.


Taking glass into a whole new level

 Ok, we all can understand why glass walls are much cooler than regular ones. But glass is clearly more than just a transparent material with thermal properties. Glass is the ultimate writing material and we know that writing clear and fast is a huge plus in any workplace, particularly in offices. And when glass also comes with a plus of adding both a sophisticated clean design as well as visual efficiency to an office.

Writing boards made of glass are not only attractive to look at. They have an exquisite surface to write on and also score in terms of hassle-free maintenance.

Mobile solutions can truly be the best choice for open plan, wider offices because they enable different teams to share faster information between one another and to be shared between meeting rooms much more quickly.

glass-mobile-easel- open-office-wide-workplace

Glass boards fit beautifully any modern office environment and are the best writing surface material available in the market, so we are certain that future offices are going to continue to have glass has a favourite.

There is untapped potential to expand the uptake of these type of glass products in the business, education and creative sectors, and office supplies main players as well as brands developing workspace solutions will keep on exploring this amazing material.

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