Happy New Year and Happy New Business with Trendy Chalkboards


After reading this title, you are probably thinking to yourself “How does New Year relate to Chalkboards?” Well, another year has started and we all are feeling that urge to change something about our lives, our businesses, our actions, to start something fresh! Moreover, honestly, the best advice we can give you is to grab this feeling and make the most out of it, before it starts to fade.


One thing we know that can upgrade your life or your business is a smart and opportune makeover! This does not mean you need to start things from scratch, and invest a whole lot of money. Either when remodeling your home office, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, charm hotel or hostel, you just need to think how you can bring comfort, fun and a positive vibe to your spaces.

We know that it is not easy to coordinate a charm decor with all the information you need to be able to provide and clearly get across to your customers in a daily basis. Yes, daily… some businesses need to be able to quickly change and update menus or events programs, promotions or special offers… and here is why chalkboards are ideal for a creative, trendy but above all smart work-space make over.

Chalkboards make it possible to dream up creative ways to promote products and services, and to implement those ideas quickly. The flexibility of chalkboard displays gives businesses an edge over competitors using preprinted signs that cannot be updated and that is why we are seeing chalkboard art on store walls, hostels entrances and restaurant tables everywhere these days.

Another reason to adhere to the chalkboard trend is that this way you are being more environmentally friendly - cutting down on the use paper and non-reusable signs! Chalkboards are affordable and reusable for many years!

Moreover, restaurant patrons and store customers nowadays love using chalkboards as props and backgrounds for selfies and group pictures they post on social media. And smart idea would be for you to create a personalised but fun hashtag for your business. This means that by using chalkboard signage you can make your establishment more fun for your clientele and at the same time get your business a boost in social media following with every tag!

Using Chalkboards to Boost your Business

Today, you can find in the market many different chalkboard solutions with a diverse range of styles, sizes, colors, textures and purposes that can really help you compose a unique branded experience in a distinctive place where your costumers can relate, connect and clearly understand what you want to communicate.

Chalkboards are a superb way to promote your offer to customers if you follow these tips:

  1. Ensure writing is neat and consistent
  2. Don’t be too elaborate
  3. Chalkboards signs are perfect for communicating “limited offers”
  4. Keep up with advertising trends and show your establishment's unique personality
  5. For external boards, keep it simple but try to be original!
  6. Use A-Frames on the pavement outside your premises to attract customers inside
  7. For internal boards, use as much information as possible
  8. Use table talkers to up-sell higher margin products, special themed and specific day promotions
  9. Use chalkboard menus to give spaces a trendy rustic feel

Chalkboard menus are as perfect for casual restaurants, coffee houses as well as for special events and parties.  They are easy on the budget, and the boards are easy to erase completely and reset for the next day's special or private event. When supplies or offers are limited, it is specially impractical to invest in expensive, permanent signage. Avoid spending too much money on flyers or constantly reprinting your offer. Additionally, most chalkboards give spaces a rustic charm that really helps composing a trendy environment. 

Concerning Restaurants, chalkboards menu displays can feature the special of the day and the chef's paired wine selections for the entree and dessert, for example. For bakeries, for instances, they are perfect to promote the latest delight. When white chocolate croissants are available today only while supplies last, bakers can quickly put out a sign encouraging customers to "get them while they're hot!" Once these croissants are gone, the baker can just as easily erase it off the board and replace it with the next freshly baked treat.

Your business can be a hot spot for locals, but it is hard for one diner to stand out from the rest. Many eateries serve up steaks, but you want to show the world that your diner offers a unique themed atmosphere and the best steaks in the area! A-Frames with innovative and fun messages in the street or pavement right outside your door are the best for attracting customers inside. A small chalkboard sign on every space or table will ensure that your customers remember to tell their friends where they discovered the best steak in town. Use chalkboard signs to let your customers know why they can feel good about spending their money in your business. You could hang a chalkboard in the window bragging about what makes you different. If your cafe uses only locally sourced ingredients, let customers know which local farmers grew the food they are enjoying today. If you sell home appliances specially chosen for energy efficiency, announce that you offer more refrigerators with a 5-star energy rating than any other store.

In this perspective, chalkboards are also perfect to encourage your staff to participate and help you make up designs and lettering styles, so your advertising will be more creative and memorable!  Communicating with a sense of humor is always a certain bet. If you run a dinner, for instances, you can write something hilarious like “robust people are harder to kidnap! Eat here!” with funny and understandable illustrations accompanying it!



Now that you know how using chalkboards can be positive for your business and already got an idea about the best and more impactful ways to use it, you can start choosing the solutions that better fit your business style and personality for a new year’s upgrade. If you are one of those entrepreneurs that prefers to get to know all available options up-close before making a final decision, you can always take some time to visit Bi-silque’s brands stand at Paperworld Frankfurt starting on the 26th, and discover our top selection of Chalkboards for the hospitality market.

Until then, happy New Year and happy new business!

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