How to Make the Most of Your Large Boards


The most immediate way to optimize the investment on a large board is to turn it into a big mobile or portable board with almost any additional effort. Just arrange for a free standing structure that is compatible with your board and transform your whiteboard into a super board. 

Besides adding mobility you will be conferring it extra versatility.  It’s almost like giving superpowers to a normal human being. Suddenly your board can be used by several different teams, or in different spaces in a short period of time, helping you save time, space and money. Communicating effectively is always hard and challenging, but it gets even harder when we step out of a regular office and enter the universe of industrial manufacturing facilities. There is a lot less available space for highlighting information and the frenetic pace and noise of machinery and workers, supervisors, maintenance people, and so on, increases the chances of crucial information being lost in all the extreme fuzz.


Transform it into a Smart, Cost-effective Solution

Whiteboards have come a long way since its debut in the 1950's, but this traditional tool is still the best way to help you convey clearer the right information at the right place at the right time, particularly when they are not just limited to available space in the walls and can be positioned anywhere with the help of a feet structure. A light weighted board with the use of a light weighted free standing structure, or heavier, more robust writing boards with a mobile stand structure immediately become cost-effective due to its mobility or portability. This way you can move it quickly and effortless to where it is most needed at any given time, avoiding the additional cost of having a whiteboard, display case or easel to convey information at every work space area where it is essential. As Taiichi Ohno, Japanese industrial engineer and businessman, father of the Toyota Production System, once said, “Costs do not exist to be calculated, costs exists to be reduced”. Visual communication equipment that doesn’t have to stay confined to just one space, can be used by several different teams inside one office helps optimizing the investment in communication tools and efforts (thus reducing waste).


Assuring Space Saving Solutions

Industrial manufacturing floors are usually large and big dimensions can be a problem when you need to pass relevant info or spread the word on the latest mandatory plant rule. Portability and Mobility are the basic requirement to reach every corner. Wall space is freed for other relevant purposes like really crucial security warnings or important tools, raw materials or necessary components.

Mobile whiteboards can also work well when used as space or workstation dividers particularly in open floor plans, contributing for efficient temporary space organization. Which becomes specifically useful in ever-changing manufacturing floors.


Promote Truly Effective Communication and All Kinds of Work Interactions

Using whiteboards is proven to foster creativity and innovation, while driving a higher retention rate of the information that we use it to share. According to Dr. Richard Wiseman, an award-winning psychologist, using whiteboards enhances memory, problem-solving and collaboration up to 15 percent more than merely discussing a topic.

Today’s transforming workplaces focus on optimizing workplace interactions - like presenting valuable data, communicating efficiently security and lean procedures and warnings to all teams, inspiring fellow employees for best practices, focusing on a huge problems a team has to handle, socializing in a comfortable settings, for better engagement and posterior better team collaboration, collaborating with unlikely contributors, like consultants or auditors – that can adjust to the current “blended workforce” trend. Mobile or portable viscom solutions make it a lot easier for these interactions to occur fluidly, enhancing team communication and workplace collaboration. Improving the internal communication on industrial settings isn’t an easy task and requires special efforts. When your audience is working at an office it’s pretty easy to establish the communication, either through e-mail or face-to face meetings. But communication on factory floor context becomes much more complex and takes more work and resources in order to be efficient.

When every worker and team knows what to do, a business will eventually thrive and grow profits. If workers and teams are misguided, if organizational, structural or minor work changes aren’t explained, motivation fades way, accidents, setbacks and losses happen. Lack of communication can lead to chaos. Sharing all goals and decisions is crucial. Sharing positive results also. Enhancing internal communication and employee engagement will also help productivity and the feeling of belonging to grow.

Order, efficiency and precision are the essential concepts whenever we are talking about production lines. Building and sharing an efficient lean work methodology with the various stages of production discriminated on a fixed freestanding whiteboard near to each workstation is a great way to have all the information accessible and easily understood by all intervenients. Establishing a culture of safety should be one of the biggest companies’ concerns, and versatile large mobile or portable boards can easily help disclosing extremely relevant security measures or standards such as how to use the equipment and machines safely, how people and equipment should behave, emergency workplace procedures. incresase-visual-efficiency-make-the-most-out-of-your-large-boards-

All communication tools are essential, but mobile and portable solutions not only helps improve all types of work interactions, it allows to optimize space, time and money, while always ready to go whenever it is truly needed.