Keep Creativity Flowing, Move Beyond Productivity


One of the questions that often comes to mind of people working in creative areas is “how do you cultivate my creativity?” When creativity isn’t present, it isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers and saying, “OK, be creative!” Inspiration is fleeting, but it can also be more available with constant practice. It is a lot like a second language, use it or lose it – or have a lot of trouble picking it back up after a few years. Creativity is an element of personality that gets stronger with more use, so use it more! To inspire that creativity that drives production, here are five things that science says that can help boost your mood, be more creative and productive:


1. Meditation is wonderful

Big companies are placing more importance on mind exercises and well-being. Meditation is trending in the workplace because it has had some profound benefits to both employee and employer. Some of which include:

  • Less stress
  • Patience
  • Community building
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Productive work
  • Happier employees
  • Creativity


Many tech-companies are known for offering meditation rooms and yoga classes to their workers so that the well-being practice will also spill into the workplace. If such an activity is making people feel even the slightest bit better or happier, then introducing it into the workplace cannot be detrimental. I think this is why these companies say “why not?” Not all offices can spare a room dedicated to meditation, so it can easily become a lunch or break time routine. Find a quiet place for as little as ten minutes. This personal time has proven to help clarify the mind, find solutions with a level-head, and clear away some of the stress we carry into the workplace from outside. Clearing the mind of these impurities will also clear a path towards your creative side.


2. Physical exercise can be the key

Just like the mind needs exercise, so does the body. Sometimes if you’ve been cooped up all day, sitting at a desk, your body needs a little movimentation and a little stimulation. Take a walk or join a gym to get the blood flowing. Anything that will get your heart-racing will provide you with enough adrenaline to apply a fresh mind back at work. With more energy inside your body, research suggests that people are putting more energy into getting more work done. Physical stimulation provides immediate effects. Just to know: tem quick push-ups will send your neurons firing, your adrenaline rising and you creativity soaring.


3. Let the Music inspire you

Music plays a special role in all theatrics. It sets a tone, conveys an emotion, or fills the silence with playful or soulful lyrics. Every worker can greatly benefit from plugging for a boosted mood which can influence productivity. Plugging in to music has shown to provide more benefits than we might have imagined: it isn’t a distraction anymore because scientist have found that it is a beneficial tool. Music increases creativity!

According to Dr. Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant professor in the music therapy program at the University of Miami, music improves mood which can improve a lot of thing like: making an informed decision, blocking out static and focusing on one thing at a time, and encouraging more work than usual. Though, setting time limits to be a helpful practice.


4. Methodical and easy- to- finish work

Sometimes the workload seems unlimited, and that is frustrating. Finishing a job and seeing its physical progress from start to finish is satisfying and essential to our confidence at the office. When it seems that the job never ends, it is beneficial to find another task that has a final point and finish it. Because when a project doesn’t seem to progress or has an undetermined ending, we lack a sense of accomplishment and the work seems meaningless. Completing projects like cleaning, folding, painting, cooking or puzzling is beneficial for inducing creativity. So, boost your creativity and work productivity by accomplishing some things today! Even simpler, make a to-do list with the smallest tasks - like “send an email” or “clean my desk”- pin it or write on your planner or notice board and cross-off each one as they are finished. If you can finish your to-do list for the day, you can apply the same satisfaction to your desk work.


5. Put your ideas on a board

Human beings are all mostly visual when it comes to absorbing information and 90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual. So, it is only normal that illustrating your ideas on a whiteboard, even when they are just a mere draft or possibility, can trigger your creative juices and make your brain do wonders! Visualizing your ideas is the best way to start developing, defining and organising it, from an embryonic phase to a more complete, rich and well-structured concept or project. Create your own mind-maps, project plans, drawings, graphics… whatever helps you better to see the big picture!


Sometimes, being productive can be a struggle. But, becoming active with the mind, body or a combination of both really helps to boost work ethics. Our minds need a break every so often, and they greatly benefit from stepping away. And it that break has an active element, it will help to keep us from coming to a mental standstill. In other words, taking these four steps can help our brain recharge and focus more on the tasks at hand which will exhibit more creativity and enhance productivity!