Meet Ella and Be Inspired to Build your own Meaningful Workspace



While most of us just drive to work, Ella guides her life through healthy habits. That’s why she walks every day to work in order to have the right balance between a healthy body and a healthy soul. Being a minimalist lover, the smallest details can be just enough to make her life meaningful and happier - and this applies not only to her personal spaces but also to her work space.

Ella has her dream job. She helps other people feel better – body and soul. Since she was younger, Ella always wanted to have her own store and sell products that are both eco and human-friendly. Her passion for cooking led her to open an organic products store, where customers can taste healthy and fresh food and, if they like and need it, they can relax in a meditation room too. Sometimes she even runs yoga sessions.

Meaningful Workspace collection

Ella’s philosophy is guided by simplicity. As a nature lover, light, organisation, patterns, lines and neutral colours are the key elements that she’s looking for when decorating her work space. Her office is quite small but that isn’t a problem for her. All she needs is to organise it, keeping it simple and giving genuine meaning to the space, where she can feel inspired  by the surrounding environment and relaxed. You can see by her office that Ella is a huge fan of pastels. From the walls to the boards, her office is all decorated with neutral colours. Light, smoothing colours are simultaneously simple, warm and, most importantly, they transmit comfort. All she needs to feel in order to be productive and creative.

Like Ella, other people have a preference for pastel colours because that helps them reduce stress in their workplace. Mint greens and sandy pinks are increasingly becoming trendy colours for small and home offices. They have the ability to bring feelings like serenity, comfort and calm to any workplace.  The freshness of these colours allows Ella to repeat them in different combinations and contrasts, and the possibilities are endless!

Using mostly the walls, Ella combined these pastel colours with tools that help her organise her work - notice and whiteboards that help her keep track of plans to follow, schedules to meet, projects and tasks - without forgetting what truly inspires her throughout her day - healthy soul and body references. Her secret is to have neutral colour boards to write yoga mantras.

To take Ella’s inspirational office space example to a whole new level and feel inspired to create your own meaningful work space, here are some tips and ideas that will make you get down to work and be always surrounded by creativity. You can take some notes if you, feel like you are on the same page!

Meaningful Workspace Tips


Go smart, go green

A lovely plant can do wonders. Besides bringing life into  any space, plants have the power to keep us feeling calm and, at the same time, to clean the air. The best part is that there are many that require almost none or low maintenance and they are pretty cool!


Maximise the use of natural light

If you’re working indoors, it’s crucial to stay connected to the outdoors, not only to keep you healthy but also to make your room alive. Natural light makes  any space feel bigger. This becomes even more important when we are talking about small offices. Natural light feeds the plants in the room and your soul.  It makes you also feel more alive, more energetic! Remember, you'll work more efficiently if you're feeling inspired.


Keep it simple and organised

Nobody works well in a messy environment. The trick is to use smartly all the available space, including the vertical spots by using cabinets up to the ceiling and hanging pin boards. This way, you will have all your important stuff visible and handy.


Inspiration. What else?

It’s your special space. Decorate it with what you love. Filling your office with artwork and inspirational quotes can actually energize your space and increase productivity. With your gallery wall, you are also expressing your personality in a discreet but stylish way. Feel free to try our suggestions.


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