Office Environment: The Relevance Of The Traditional Trade Tools In The Future



We often think what the future will be like, and more and more we associate it with digitalization. Offices will have big screens, everything will be online and we will work remotely with digital gadgets, right?

Despite what we may think, the future office will still have traditional tools. At least that is what a study done by the Pragma Institute says.


Non-Digital Equipment still matters

This study, disclosed by Messe Frankfurt this year, assessed people’s office environments and workplace equipment today and in 2025. The conclusion was that, in spite of digitalization, the traditional “tools of the trade” will continue to be relevant. “Digitalization, flexibility and movability of the office of the future, however, by no means represent a one-way street for workplace equipment and furnishings: 81% of office workers rate non-digital equipment alongside digital items as generally very to quite important. Above all, the use of non-digital equipment impacts positively on 'soft' factors, such as job satisfaction and individual well-being.”


Flipcharts, Whiteboards And Projector Screen Will Make The Cut

The Pragma Institute study also shows that manufacturers in the office supplies sector should focus mainly on presentational materials. “Flipcharts, whiteboards and projector screens, say the office workers represented in the poll, will become more important by 2025. These products will benefit from future trends in cooperative working in informal meeting environments”.

office-of-the-future-virtual-teams-mega-trendsFor this study, The Pragma Institute telephoned a total of 772 people during the period of November and December 2015 and, in a combined telephone and online survey, asked them to assess their office environments and their workplace equipment today and in 2025. We believe the Pragma Institute is on to something big which is why Bi-silque stays at the forefront of innovation and design. Bringing efficiency and modernity is just the beginning, and Bi-silque provides products that are inspired by future trends and that are environmentally responsible.


At Paperworld this year, from the 27th to 30th of January 2018, you can see the new products and services in the stationery, office supplies and writing implements sector together to bring to you the trends in the working environment of the future. “It is a range that is without equal anywhere in the world” says Messe Frankfurt, and we couldn’t agree more.

We invite you to join us in this digital journey of bringing “traditional” workplace tools to the workspaces of the future!

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