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Why New Generations of Students Need Classroom Integrated Solutions


Teachers are struggling to connect with students using outdated methods. Generation Z and Alpha students grew up in an online, connected world. They have access anywhere and anytime to knowledge ...


What Can The Pandemic Teach About Future Workspaces

The pandemic forced the reconfiguration of workstations. Some companies are taking this opportunity to create hybrid workspaces. As people will likely keep working from home, the quality of space ...


Bring Industry 4.0 Into Your Business


Industry 4.0 is triggering the digital transformation of manufacturing/production and related industries. Smart factories are now a reality. Digital technologies as the Internet of Things (IoT), ...


Stay Safe, Stay Productive - The new normal

Covid-19 has changed many daily habits, mostly due to the social distancing requirements. The virus had a huge impact on the way people work and collaborate. Although the home has become the place ...


Hybrid Working - The new normal

Creating a hybrid work model which allow employees to work part-time in the office and part-time remotely is a major shift under the radar of many companies.

Working from Home developed new ideas ...


Coworking Café, a biggest 2021 trend

It’s safe to say that this global pandemic gave a stronger push to the hybrid and remote work, that no one wasn’t accounted in the Future Office Trends. With an increase in teleworking, coworking ...


5 Tips to build a Study Island

The context affects the Human Being. There are several studies pointing to the fact that the place where people study can affect positively or negatively the success of learning and school tasks.


How to create engaging classes?


We all know the traditional class model: the teacher stands in front of the class and students listen and take notes.


How to increase personal organisation for back to school?

Back to School is the second-biggest shopping season of the year. For Brands and market players who sell notebooks, backpacks, and other school essentials, it’s a make-or-break season.


Collaboration - Project kickoff


A project kickoff meeting is the best opportunity for project managers to set the right tone for the weeks and months ahead. It is the moment when the team is excited to see the project begin, ...