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How to make your restaurant and bar outdoors more attractive?

Summer is here and people love eating and drinking outdoors, enjoying the sunshine or the fresh air.

It’s the time of the year when the demand for outdoor seating at cafes and restaurants begins ...


Are you ready for holidays?


Holidays are very important moments, specially when you dedicate most of your time to a career. Getting out for holidays contribute to a healthy brain, emotional balance and connection with ...


How to build an immersive self-study corner

Collaboration, Communication and Teamwork are valuable skills to develop future professionals. However, individual learning is crucial to allow students to learn at their own pace and focus on ...


How to increase productivity in manufacture floor?

Do you feel team productivity is not at the same level as was before the pandemic? Are you seeing your team members are not engaged with their work and with each other?


Task Management - The key to efficiency


The success of every business or venture is organization and precision. Planning is ideal when coordinating individual and team assignments. 

To-do lists are a great way to keep tasks organized ...


2019 Home Office Trends: Copper and Pastel Colours


With more and more people working remotely, it has been an increasing concern to transform the home office in a pleasant and productive area. Although function is key in every office, its ...


Bi-silque Working to Captivate the Middle Eastern Market at PME 2019

Paperworld Middle East theme “More than Paper” fits Bi-silque brands like a glove. That is why we are hoping to fascinate the Middle Eastern market with brands that have been helping people ...


Paperworld Frankfurt 2019: Bi-silque’s participation in review


Paperworld Frankfurt continues to be one of the biggest trade shows in the office supplies industry, where visitors can get to know the latest trends and solutions for the office. We could not ...


Fun Classroom Games that will Help You Make The Most of Learning

Mariah is a  32  year old pre-school certified teacher, and a homeschooling mom to six, that really believes in using Fun classroom games for kids to better engage children in her programmed ...


Happy New Year and Happy New Business with Trendy Chalkboards

After reading this title, you are probably thinking to yourself “How does New Year relate to Chalkboards?” Well, another year has started and we all are feeling that urge to change something about ...