Paperworld Frankfurt: Specialised and Segmented Viscom Solutions



For quite some time now, Bi-Office & MasterVision understood that the future of visual communication relies on giving to the end user specialised and personalised solutions. That’s why we focus on developing solutions specially designed to address the needs of each business, from offices to facilities, schools or even homes.

Paperworld Frankfurt Bi-silque Segmented solutions


As people need to communicate as fast as they possibly can, visual communication is a great tool. In a workspace, visual communication is even more important, once it enhances both personal and collective performance. Bi-Office & MasterVision took the challenges of different workspaces and developed visual communication products that could help people communicate, no matter the business area they are working in. So, let’s reveal some of the specialised visual communication solutions we are going to present at Paperworld Frankfurt 2019.


The "Future Office" evolution

We have been preparing our products for the “Future Office” evolution and adapting the role of traditional visual communication products in an era where technological gadgets rule the workspace. Despite this digital world, non-digital equipment still matters, and it will continue to be relevant.

It all comes to this: the need to connect. Connect people to other people; connect them to the workspace and with what they do. Therefore, we transform our products, in terms of functionality and design, to embrace the future office. This way, employees could feel more inspired and reflect their personality in their workspaces, with our products. At Paperworld Frankfurt 2019, we are going to present a new product that continues this evolution. So, stay tuned for more information.


The need to communicate important messages

As a manufacturer, we understand the need for industrial facilities to communicate clearly important messages, like warnings and precautionary advice. Despite being strong and robust, these specialised visual communication solutions must convey the information in a very efficient way.

Having this in mind, we created the Bi-Office & MasterVision Industrial range to ensure visual efficiency in the most challenging workspaces. Earlier this year, at Paperworld Frankfurt, we set up a very business-like space, with signs, display cases and portable products. This space was one that caught the attention of our visitors, once it showed how these solutions could fit into the unexpected needs of the industrial environment.

Paperworld Frankfurt Bi-silque Industrial Range


For a more meaningful workspace

According to Forbes magazine, the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027. For this reason, Bi-Office & MasterVision started to think in people who work remotely, from a small office or from their homes, and transform decorative boards in organisation tools. Our Meaningful Spaces collection follows the most recent SOHO trends, composed of different textures and neutral colours. In this collection, you can find a big presence of cork elements and many patterns to match different personalities.

We presented for the first time this year at Insights-X the new boards in this collection with pastel colours as an office trend for 2019. For Paperworld Frankfurt, we are going to add little tweaks to them and show visitors some new gallery walls that we are currently working on.

Paperworld Frankfurt Bi-silque Personal Range

Chalk: The contemporary go-to trend

With tourism increasing in many cities all over the world, the hospitality business gained more visibility and a bigger competition, with trendy places leading the race. The chalkboards we developed can help these businesses communicate better to their customers, but also grab their attention because of its chic, rustic and contemporary look.

The hand-craft-looking drawings on chalkboards give a boost to restaurants, coffee shops and even bars because of their comfy and cosy feeling décor. And who doesn’t like to feel like that?

Paperworld Frankfurt Bi-silque Chalk Collection

Fun and practical way of learning

Every range of ages has its difficulties and challenges when it comes to learning. For instances, toddlers and juniors are easily distracted. Everything is more interesting than what they’re hearing. So, we developed a multicoloured range of products to grab the attention of the little ones. The goal is to entertain them, while they’re learning. Visitors will see this range of products in action in our play area at Paperworld Frankfurt 2019, with many activities to demonstrate how schools can use our products.

As you can see, we are preparing a lot of new and interesting things for Paperworld Frankfurt 2019. We invite you to join us again next year, Hall 3.o Stand C14, to show you how these specialised viscom solutions are delivering category growth to our customers and answering to the end user needs.