Who has never seen a ruined whiteboard or heard the stories about troubles to clean them?

Going to an office supplies store I found out that there are 3 to 4 options to a whiteboard: Melamine, HPL, Lacquered steel and Enamel. Great options, but no clue about the one I need, it looks like I need a degree on surface materials to choose one!

To help all those confused whiteboard users like me; let me share with you my 6 discoveries I made about Whiteboards.

choosing a whiteboard

Discovery 1: The addiction
The fist think I found out as Whiteboard user is, once you see how easy and inspiring a whiteboard on a wall can be, you will never set an office space without one…

Discovery 2: The function
A good dry erase board must do two things: one is display information we write or post with magnets and the second is to let that information erase completely without ghosting.
All the rest has to do with the user expectations about the surface and also frame aesthetics.

Discovery 3: The surface
Magnetic or Non Magnetic?
The answer to this question will narrow the surface options into 2 major groups. Melamine and HPL are non-magnetic; Lacquered steel and enamel are both magnetic.

Discovery 4: The usage frequency
Intensive use or Moderate use?
When identifying the usage frequency, the user will be selecting between HPL or Enamel for intensive use and Melamine and Lacquered Steel for less frequent use.

Discovery 5: The installation space
Heavy duty or normal office environment?
A whiteboard for a heavy duty environment like a school or a production facility would need to have extra protections as for moisture (metal sheet at the back) or even a thicker thickness that translates into the board’s increased robustness. For regular offices you don’t need those extras, but make sure you also demand for robustness when buying bigger sizes from 180x1201cm (around 16x10in).

Discovery 6: The looks
Aesthetics needs or not so important?
You should have in your office at home a different board than the ones seen in production facilities. You should give yourself the opportunity to buy a differentiating frame that fits in the space decoration.

Now that you’re a professional whiteboard buyer, you have all the knowledge to buy the best right board to your needs without the frustrations and pains.

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