There’s No Place Like Home at the London Stationery Show 2018


Meaningful places: it’s why we crave zen and solidarity after a long day of work. The setting that we immerse ourselves in creates an experience for us, often mimicking the most primal and comforting place: a place we call home. Bi-Office is bringing the home setting to the London Stationery Show, showcasing what it means to create meaningful spaces.



Bringing Home to the Workplace

The spaces that surround us often have a huge impact on our psyche, mood and performance whether we know it or not. Home has become our sanctuaries where we eat, sleep, rejuvenate and thrive. It is usually the place we spend most of our time. And leaving home behind might bring on eternal stress which is why we want to be able to curate the feeling of home anywhere you go and enable you to bring home into the workplace.

Besides, when you are home, you are in your own domain. Bringing home into the office provides a much more relaxed atmosphere. Reducing stress in an environment where there is always need can have a huge impact on employee productivity and state of mind. Giving people the responsibility to decorate their own workspace to their style and needs is one step towards feeling like home in the workplace.


Home Offices

While working at home, you may struggle with too much home in your workspace. This tends to be a difficulty for many home workers these days, with all the things you have to do at home staring right at you while you try to concentrate and work. Making a separation from workspace and play space is very important for being able to have good work stimulation and separate home from work.Meaningful-spaces-small-office-home-office

A New Type of Home Schooling

Really anywhere, there should exist the possibilities to thrive and learn: at school, home, the office or even places of business. Like home-schooling, learning should be much more personalized and to do so, you need the right personalized tools. With the right tools, learning can become much more convenient, and in the society of busy in which we live, time is of the essence. Interactive whiteboards and lapboards are great learning tools for kids and adults.


The London Stationery Show has grown into a renowned tradeshow since their start in 2011, and Bi-Office is very happy to join this journey for the first year. Focusing on stationery for the home and office, Bi-Office introduces comfort, efficiency and style, feelings that reduce stress and improve productivity. That is why this year, Bi-Office shows The London Stationery Show why there is no place like home, presenting new concepts you can use to create your own Gallery Wall, whether to create more relaxed and comfortable environments or to have a more fun and vibrant décor.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to create meaningful spaces, whether they are at home or at the office, you can visit Bi-Office stand at London Stationery Show. Book a meeting with us and discover the viscom solutions we have for you.

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