When you feel Home at Work



Working from home is not easy at all. I’ve been there… conference calls, being interrupted by my toddler, speeding with a coffee mug in one hand and a diaper in the other… the insanity needed to stop.

That’s when I started looking for help out there: how can I stress less? I hate mess but I love my job (I illustrate children’s books) – how can I actually become more organized? I got wonderful ideas but Danielle’s suggestions on her blog were simply the best. She summarizes the 3 Ps to keep in mind when creating that home office space:

Permanence: at a certain point, it started feeling like I were on a road trip every day – packing my stuff at night only to unpack the next morning in a different place. I needed to make sure I had my own little space that I could count on so I found myself a nice corner in the attic. Now it started to truly feel like a place of my own.

Productivity: there came a moment when I had to put an end to the sticky notes madness “buy oat milk”, “conference call with the UK team”, “swimming class”, “dentist appointment”. Tools are essential to actually feel and act more organized. That’s when I discovered boards are amazing. I started with a cork pin board, and then added a whiteboard. My toddler was constantly trying to reach the whiteboard so I ended up mounting a chalkboard for her in our kitchen. All of a sudden, organization wasn’t such a big fuss when I could easily visualize daily tasks, key milestones and sketch a character on the board.

Personalization is my favorite part and I know I speak for every woman out there – I wouldn’t be able to spend so many hours in front of my computer without a photo of my little girl and my husband. Colors are vital: I only feel inspired when I have my favorite children’s’ books around. And that is the extra spice that you can manage “generously” when you work from home – you can surround yourself of whatever makes you feel good: your style, your colors, your textures, your combinations – you are free to keep it personal at work!

I leave you with my latest inspiration tool – my dreaming boards. 


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