Or did they always been? Any good product or display that helps people communicate is hot, because humans are natural communicators and how well they do in a society or group depends on how good that communication is!

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Zurich Google Offices


Not only that, tools that help people share with the world who they are all about, are always a hit -either we are talking about Twitter or about the pin board you have in your room since the 80’s - then to pin your favorite concert tickets and photos from you and your friends in epic moments, and now to hang up all your jewelry in a practical trendy way – because we all love to post and share things that are meaningful to us with those in our life!

Ever since Prehistoric times we had the urge to share ideas through drawings and symbols in walls, stone, paper... Ultimately infinite brilliant ideas were born in a blank canvas!

Now they born in whiteboards, interactive or not, notice boards, chalkboards, paper pads and most likely also or simultaneously in chat groups or something similar!

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Google London


And this kind of products, previously more known as office products are becoming so helpful for sharing ideas, communicating, collaborating, that they are evolving beyond the product category we used to believe they were in, into a whole new category that professionals in Office Producst Industry are calling Viscomm, or Visual communication Products!

And Visual communication solutions are everywhere!

This perception swift is happening because now people are not looking at these type of products only as useful work tools, but as precious communication helpers!

Whiteboards and other viscom products are recognized all over the world as something useful, and now people are starting to see it as something trendy, because of the way they can be can be fun to use as well as practical!

Let´s, for instances, look at Google, the second most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes, trend setter with a cutting-edge attitude, and with communication helpers all over their offices!

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Google Offices


At the many Google offices spread across the globe, all renowned for their originality, Viscom is everywhere, and in every different space people use whiteboards for different purposes: Collaborate, share ideas but also to have fun and play around…

Facebook offices are also a good example! They use blank canvas to share ideas and joy!

So, of course Viscom products, like all good communication helpers are again considered trendy, they are amazing!

Viscom Brands For Every Purposes