5 Ways Visual Communication Reaches Out To Our Customers



Viscom is the main focus of Bi-silque and its brands Bi-Office and MasterVision. We know what the real meaning of Viscom is and how to translate that to our customers. We create visual communication tools that greatly enhance education, productivity, retention and organization. Office products are just another item in a room unless they have dual functionality, the ability to communicate efficiently and to create a pleasing ambiance. And these tools don’t only service those in the business world, we reach out to all types of education-hungry customers.

1. In the Office

It seems that the office space is known for Viscom implementation. Though we’ve been displaying Viscom for a number of years, it has been revolutionized to enhance productivity. Many of our customers provide Viscom tools for their businesses, whether that be industrial, tech, retail or whatever. It’s the little things that make employees more motivated and productive. The star of the show typically tends to be an interactive approach, a presentation that includes the audience or a project that involves each team member every step of the way.


2. The mobile office

During this modern age, the office isn’t always in one central place. Many companies encourage movement, travel or simply working from home. It’s the concept of having a new environment or a changing setting to increase well-being and better focus. But, when you are a worker on the go, it can be easy to find yourself a little unorganized or feeling out of touch. To stay in the know, Viscom is a great solution. Using tools like monthly planners can keep your schedule in line. And, when you are required to travel, packing light with portability will greatly reduce stress, muscle strain and feeling scattered.

3. Learning in school

If Viscom is significantly helping retention in the office, then the concept could be applied to education as well. Teachers often use visual components to improve learning, and by incorporating more efficient tools will only enhance a student’s ability. Learning can be more fun in the form of a picture which is why maps, timelines and visual aids tend to capture the attention of the student and leave a lasting impression. Students can learn even more if they are the one implementing Viscom into their learning. By using creative tactics, a teacher can play games where the students draw images on individual whiteboards to explain their comprehension, further bridging the gap and anchoring the foundation of their education.


4. Learning at home

Students tend to learn from a book more at school but they are learning all the time which is why education at home is so integral. Whether a student is receiving formal home schooling or just soaking in the life tutorials they see at home, incorporating Viscom into general life practices can greatly improve cognitive understanding. From an early age, vocabulary is an essential part of reading and elite education. Starting a vocab board where a new word is written and associated with an image will deeply resonate with a child’s ability to soak up education like a sponge – and it is a great way to keep learning as adults too.

5. Home life

Continuing the topic of learning at home, even when it isn’t education we seek, we can implement Viscom to help declutter our lives so we can make room for more important things. One way in particular is to administer organization. It will seem difficult at first but has lasting benefits. It is a skill that will set someone apart from the average crowd. Keeping an up-to-date calendar, for instance, will teach a student to take responsibility for their schedule and prepare them for their future outside of the home with proper scheduling skills. This greatly improves over time and highly benefits a university student. Even implementing these skills later in life will improve well-being, feeling less stressed, more control with your time and that you have more free time.


So as you can see, Viscom is not only about whiteboards and easels. It is mostly about helping people sharing and retainining important information, about teaching and learning, organisation in our lives... to make sure we keep track of all relevant things in our everyday life, while living and having fun!

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