Trick, Treat & Chalk It Up!


trick-treat-or-chalk-it up-chalkboard-menu-art


After last years’ “The scariest cubicle” and “Stop ghosting”, we’ve decided to take a different route for our Halloween this year. Our breakout area overlooking the ocean (yes, we are that lucky) is all chalked up with Halloween themed designs and is horrifyingly…original.

The Bi-silque team had a little bit of fun with our chalkboardsand we each drew our own interpretation of this celebration.

The result? Too hilariously spooky to share here, but some of our team members are available to share their creations on demand. This internal session resulted in some inventive ideas for restaurants, cafes or bars (probably because it was just before lunch time or simply because chalk is fun, trendy and it’s everywhere).

The one that we liked most was the idea of a menu for a gross & chic dinner party. That may sound strange but on Halloween anything is possible, including champagne with stuffed roaches. Dishes shaped like body parts? Insects? Zombies? It may appear disgusting and definitely not for the faint hearted but these days the hospitality sector needs fun and creative maneuvers in order to succeed. We looked more into the topic (of course) and we found this gallery of dishes that left us wanting for more – bloody eyeballs, puff pastry intestines, Jell-O blood worms, cat poop fudge or zombie brain cupcakes – all could be fun and interesting choices for a Halloween dinner party.

If you are an owner of a restaurant, café or bar and you decide to go forward with a Halloween theme, make sure you have a tempting preview (preferably drawn) on your menu boards. However, make sure to not display a picture of the dish – as it will totally ruin the surprise! Remember, the secret lies in the expectation and the way we build up the excitement. That’s where visual communication is crucial for the hospitality business. Chalkboards are an incredibly versatile solution to feature these ingenious menu options or to simply decorate the space.

trick-treat-or-chalk-it up-chalkboard-mini-tablemenu-art

Don’t forget about the little guests, as Halloween is the second largest holiday after Christmas. Kids are mad about zombies, witches, mummies and all sort of scary characters so have your staff dressed for the occasion. Pumpkins, balloons, spiders and spider webs are a must. Free lollipops, candies and pretty much everything that tastes sweet is also guaranteed success. You could consider organizing a Halloween-themed drawing contest on chalkboards like the spookiest jack-o'-lantern.

We’d love to see your unique Halloween snapshot so feel free to share anything that is totally creepy or shocking. Happy Spooky Halloween!