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Bi-Office Visualizes the Future at Paperworld

For stationary trends and visual communication supplies, Paperworld is THE place to stock up and envision the office of the future. This year, the visionary office showroom provided outstanding ...


Back to Business: Learning and Growing Together

A new year means new opportunities to grow and keep fit for that growth in our personal and professional lives. It is of critical importance in today’s dynamic work environment, where people are ...


Bi-silque Christmas: Celebrating Being Fit For Growth

December 15th was a day to celebrate. Every year, the Bi-silque family gathers to celebrate the multinational family business with a grand Christmas dinner party, and this year was no exception. ...


Bi-Silque Brands and Paperworld Frankfurt fit for Growth and for the Future

Perspectives of the future start with modest ideas and modest ideas can only enhance perspectives when nurtured by open minds. Bi-Office´s and MasterVision’s manufacturer and institutional brand, ...


Office Environment: The Relevance Of The Traditional Trade Tools In The Future

We often think what the future will be like, and more and more we associate it with digitalization. Offices will have big screens, everything will be online and we will work remotely with digital ...


Give A Gift That Gives Back… To Earth

By now, almost everyone in the world has already opened their Christmas presents (I said almost, because  at least the Spanish are only going to open theirs on the 6th January, Epiphany day, which ...


Implementing Strategies: Get on (white)board with it!

A decade ago, Martin Corboy and Diarmid Corrbui identified the main pitfalls of a successful strategy implementation in their article entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy Implementation.“ ...


Bi-Office Wraps up at Insights- X: Play is the Highest Form of Research (and Work)

The catchy phrase of the millennium has been “Work hard, play hard” as technology enhances and workloads increase. The statement is obviously relevant to the individual assessment of “hard” but I ...


Trick, Treat & Chalk It Up!



After last years’ “The scariest cubicle” and “Stop ghosting”, we’ve decided to take a different route for our Halloween this year. Our breakout area overlooking the ocean (yes, we are that ...


5 Tips to Improve Communication on the Manufacturing Floor

Do you feel like your team members aren't engaged with their work? Are you seeing productivity slip as a result?